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Not one half decent cat owner or their kittens need more cat toys. However, we all know it’s oh so fun to introduce a fancy new one into the mix, then subsequently watch it tossed aside and neglected for the rest of time. Also, the process for this DIY was quite the good time for Gilligan. You know, with string and felt and fabric flying around.

You will need these:

Wooden or Plastic Knitting needles (I used 10 1/2 inch)

Twine (it’s best to have two colors!)

Felt (in your choice of colors) cut to strips measuring 1 inch wide and 8 inches long



You will do this:

1) Stack felt strips and fold stack in half

2) Tie folded strips together at hinged end 3/4″ down

3) Wrap twine around and around a few more times and know to create a tight tie

4) Cut each 1″ felt strip into three to create a fringe effect

5) Cut three strands of twine in your choice of colors to a length of 2 1/2 feet and knot on one end

6) Braid. I put the knotted end under the leg of the couch to hold while I braided!

7) Using sharp scissors, score the knitting needle under the “head” of the knitting needle. This will ensure no slipping and sliding of twine.

8) Knot braid and flyer to the knitting needle

9) Play with kitten

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One discovery really does lead to the next. We discovered where to buy Lyrica cream while seeking an opportunity to meet a woman named Francine Rippy. So, I am on a quest to master the art of preserved foods and Francine is the queen bee of the Los Angeles County Fair Preserved Foods competition (in literally every category). She started entering the LA Fair in 1965 and last year she entered 73 different creations.

After some light googling by my Dad, we learned that Francine was the Executive Director of the Hathaway Ranch and Oil Museum, a five acre hidden cove of the past, in Santa Fe Springs, CA (only 15 miles or so from Downtown).

Francine’s grandparents started the Ranch in 1905 and over the years it housed their family orchards, dairy farm, and cattle. Now, remains an almost frozen in time reminder of the time of oil and true hard work–oh, and chickens roaming the property past goats, dogs, and cats. 

Everything on the ranch while so untouched, was at the same time up-kept. Imagine a time when your gas pump looked like the one below–total sale: $8.86.

Francine sat and told us all about her family, the ranch, and her canning methods. She donates her jams, conserves, and other preserved foods to her ranch that can be purchased, benefiting the ranch. She noted very firmly that if she profits off of her products, then she can’t enter the fair–good enough reason for me! We happily donated by taking away dilly beans, boysenberry jam, and boysenberry jelly.

What a perfect day.

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11901 Florence Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 11:00 – 4:00 PM

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I thought it appropriate to celebrate two months of sleepless nights, nibbled feet, and naps in trash cans (yes, seriously). Also, thought it only right for us to match in these photos.

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