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This part two to cheap beer lyrics of my beauty essentials will focus on the face. As a preface, I don't battle any extreme conditions with my skin and would consider it fairly normal with the exception of a blemish every now and again. So, take my recommendations based on this fact!

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This is one of the most gentle cleansers I've ever used. Kiehl's whole philosophy with skincare is to maintain the skin's natural barrier. Therefore, it is not stripping and full of a lot of essential oils (apricot kernal oil and avocado oil). It has barely any scent, which I am a fan of. It has almost a lotion like feel and is very enjoyable to use. I follow with a toner (I use buy Lyrica canada) but it is definitely not a requirement.

Prices range from $9.00 – $19.50 based on size

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Ah, ocean salt. It is a coconut cream and sea salt scrub that smells absolutely incredible. Sea salt obviously provides a great exfoliation property but in addition, the scrub has lime and vodka that provide a natural antibacterial effect to get rid of blemishes and blocked pores. I sometimes use it on my elbows and feet if I'm feeling fancy.

Prices range from $21.95 – $35.95 based on size

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This balm is all-purpose (good for everything from lips, cuts & scrapes, to fly away hairs) but my main use for the ultrabalm is the afore mentioned lips. This balm is made only with plant waxes and NOT petroleum jelly which is just not a good idea to use. I was an addict for years to petroleum based lip balms and ointments and you never truly get moisturized! The balm is made of candelilla wax, rose wax and organic jojoba oil. 

$13.95 – one size

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This really is the ultimate moisturizer. It is so lightweight and so good for the skin. I have used many cream moisturizers over the years and find them to be clogging. If you are wedded to using a cream based moisturizer, add a few drops of the argan oil into it before applying for an added boost. I know it's a strange concept for some to put oil on your face when we have such a fear of have an oily face but I promise, once you start with the argan oil, it's hard to stop.

$48.00–I always purchase the super-sized 1.7 oz size from QVC. It's the best deal and it lasts forever. (It also comes with a bonus argan oil color stick!)

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Until a few days ago, I didn't know this cucumber variety existed! Did you?

It is not an actual hybrid of a lemon and a cucumber but rather a cucumber that bears a striking resemblance to a lemon.
It is has a very sweet flavor and has none of the bitterness that comes with traditional cucumbers due less of a particular chemical that causes said bitterness.

Yay for trying new things!

P.S. The lemon cucumber shown in the photographs above went into a tomato, cucumber, dill salad!

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Summer is definitely here! So for all of you, I present a summer kitten doodle. 

I hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July!

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