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So, my journey to master the art of canning and preserving took a lovely turn recently. I entered my Spicy Dilled Beans into the Los Angeles County Fair, just to try, on a word of Dad's advice. And I took home the blue! So important to explore new hobbies and talents, no matter how much time and energy may be hard to find.

If you have any interest in making some creations of your own, I highly recommend buying what is the best resource in many opinions on the topic, the can you buy Lyrica at walmart. If you'd like to make my Spicy Dilly Beans, you can cheap beer lyrics to download the recipe!

Aside from enjoying my victory, my Dad and I enjoyed a beautiful yet disgustingly hot and humid evening at the fair. Full of Hot Dog on a Stick (they had veggie dogs this year!), sky rides, and about three more meals. I was so thrilled to see the fair adding new attractions and new cuisines. There was a wood fired oven geared up to make thin crust artisanal pizzas, multiple wine tasting areas, and a stand selling exotic spices and teas by the pound. Don't worry though, all the classic fair stuff like selling of mops, saunas, and interesting people watching are all still there. 

Until next year!

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