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I can’t imagine a day more enjoyable spent than cooking all day and this past Thursday was no exception. I made a full vegetarian spread featuring a potato and roasted mushroom gratin and as the main dish, served alongside a three bread and herb dressing, kale salad with a creamy dill dressing, green beans with a mustard lemon sauce, and cranberry sauce. Oh, and vegetarian gravy, of course.

I am truly grateful for every moment and the ability to so far, understand my purpose.

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Well, they definitely have the catchy title down! EggSlut spent its debut years as a food truck in the Los Angeles area and they have now secured their first brick and mortar space in Grand Central Market (it is located on the Broadway side of the market.) It is definitely not the spot for those intended on having a healthy bite to start the day. True to its name, it is a little bit of an, ahem, indulgence? And something you don’t tell your mother about? Ha! Anyway, it’s really darn tasty.

I ordered the bacon, egg, and cheese (sans bacon). It is on a beautifully soft, toasted brioche bun and is stuffed with a perfectly cooked medium egg (that gets kinda all over the place), cheddar cheese, and a chipotle ketchup. I’ve also had the Fairfax (scrambled eggs, chives, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and sriracha mayo) and it’s unbelievable.

You really should stay and enjoy the market a little bit too! It’s definitely starting to come into the newness with an oyster bar opening soon, G&B coffee, and a juice shop. However, the original residents are holding strong. It’s nice to see them living in harmony with the new kids.

(Grand Central Market shot from Hill Street side)
+ EggSlut
+ where to buy Lyrica cream located at 317 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA
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I am enamoured with the macramé creations by Sally England. The michigan based fibers artist is creating custom curated works for private residences, hotels, and other businesses. Just some truly dreamy stuff.

Custom wall hanging created for a private residence in Los Angeles.

Cotton rope, dyed fabric. 

Headboard for Room 420 in ACE Hotel, Portland, Oregon. 

+ Covet the rest of Sally’s beautiful creations can you buy Lyrica from canada

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