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Fish ribs. Never ever could I conceive such things myself. La Pulperia is a Latin American restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen that captures the neighborhood restaurant feel with brass fixtures and natural wood everywhere. Pacu is a large Brazilian fish that is sizable enough to produce ribs that match the size and substance of meat ribs. The ribs are glazed with an orange chipotle BBQ sauce and served with coconut rice.

The ribs were so rich and really gave an amazingly similar experience to having a meat rib. The difference however, is that each piece contains a few bones rather than just one large bone running through. But seriously though, bravo, La Pulperia. Who would have thought?

Oh, and to top it off, we had the luxury of sitting near a couple in an epic fight. The one where he keeps eating and she’s suddenly lost her appetite and they can no longer stand to look at one another in the eye. Hey, we’ve all been there–that’s why it’s so entertaining. We all know she walked three steps ahead of him the whole way home and there was the opposite of no talking once the door closed at home. We definitely had dinner and show playing out the scenario behind us. Fish ribs barely inched by with a victory for best part of La Pulperia.

+ can you buy Lyrica at walmart located at 371 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036 +

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