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The Daily Dose is a hidden treasure in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. It is down this mysterious, Secret Garden-eqsue brick walled alley way, on Industrial Street–one of those you-wouldn’t-know-it-was-there places. We went there on a rainy Friday and enjoyed the place pretty much to ourselves. They have an ever-evolving breakfast and lunch menu that really raises the bar for creative flavor combinations. Below is a little bit of breakfast! 

The menu selections for this rainy day breakfast were:

The Scramble | 3 scrambled eggs, served with arugula salad, root veggies in a sauce tomate, on a baguette with butter & jam.

The Margot | A breakfast sandwich with 2 eggs scrambled, feta cheese, chives, serrano & avocado on toast

If you go to lunch, you must order The Guildsmith sandwich! You’ll thank me later.

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