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Another year begins and I am so ready for it. This illustration is definitely perfect for the range of emotions I went through this year. 2013 started with much sadness in a couple big areas of my life (my heart and my job) and the sadness managed to turn its way around. The bad and sad didn’t disappear magically–I made a distinct decision to dictate my happiness rather than wait for it to appear. Good leads to good and bad leads to bad. The more we wallow in our sadness, the harder it is to rise from it (I know–I’ve wallowed a lot.) Every day chosen correctly is an increased probability that the next day will be even better.

I won’t overly share the above mentioned challenges, as this is a place for happy things, remember? Certainly and by far, there are many improvements to come (some much needed) but it’s all about further than before and this past year was the best yet.

Of course and notably, this past March brought this blog into existence and it is my proudest accomplishment. I spent many years putting off for many reasons making it happen and this year was the year it did. Yay! I am excited to continue to make it bigger and better in the coming year.

Thank you to my small but mighty group of readers for all the support! It means the world.

Happy New Year!

+ Illustration by can you buy Lyrica at walmart +

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