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There are still many food adventures from my last trip to New York that are yet to be shared. There is a hope that savoring each post might extend the joy even longer until my next trip. Okay, now this is just too good. The lobster roll at The Lobster Joint (their Lower Eastside location, right next to the famous Katz Deli) is unforgettable.

The restaurant wears the nautical theme well with tons of light and maintains the casual feel with the order-at-the-counter format. They carry both of the most popular versions of the lobster roll on their menu–New England style which is a mayonnaise-based, lobster salad (with celery), style and Connecticut style, which is the original and the best way, in my opinion. All the Connecticut roll has is lobster meat dipped in drawn butter on a toasted roll.

I got my roll with fries and an extra pickle (of course). It was so full of lobster meat that I actually took pieces out of the sandwich to enjoy on their own and still had a full sandwich. It’s on my long list to find something this great here in Los Angeles. Not a bad thing to have on the to do list.

+ can you buy Lyrica at walmart at 201 East Houston St. (bet. Ludlow and Orchard) // other locations in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach

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