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The perfect seven minute egg–this method is a foolproof way of getting an egg somewhere right between soft and medium. I really recommend getting the freshest eggs (Farmer’s Market!) for all your dishes. Especially for recipes this simple (literally eating the egg!), you can really tell the difference in flavor.


1. Bring a large pot of water to a rapid boil.

2. Put room temperature eggs gently into water. I recommend cooking no more than 6 eggs at a time, no matter how large the pot of water! I’ve just never had luck doing more than 6 at a time–it brings the temperature down way too much and messes with the perfect timing.

3. Set a timer for SEVEN MINUTES! While the eggs are going, prepare a bowl of water and ice that will allow enough room for the eggs to be fully submerged.

4. Take eggs out immediately after timer rings! Place eggs into ice water and leave for 5 minutes or more until eggs are fully cooled.

5. Peel, eat, enjoy! They last a few days in the fridge. I always use my extras for salads and easy breakfasts!

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