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A couple weekends ago, some friends and I got together for an afternoon of learning how to make pickles and preserved foods, some bites to eat, and a little bubbly. As I’ve talked about before, I’ve gotten quite enthralled by the process and possibilities of preserving foods over the past year and half.

There is something so inherently rewarding about spending a day doing a project or craft like this–especially when it results in a seemingly endless supply of pickled goodness. Also, maybe it’s just me, but when I attempt to do these types of all-day projects on own, distraction is a lot more probable. 

Now, the downside of making pickled delights versus cooking or baking is that it is definitely delayed gratification. Therefore, making bites to eat during the process is a must. My friends did quite well–how beautiful are these little salmon and dill toasts? They went along with homemade dips and a cheese plate. There was also quite a bit of chopping and eating as we prepared to pickle–I may have eaten my weight in cucumber slices.

I taught the group through two recipes–Garlic Dill Cucumber Pickle Chips & Classic Italian Giardiniera (Italian Giardiniera is packed in vinegar unlike the Chicago style, which is packed in oil). Cucumber pickles are my, and maybe everyone’s, favorite type of pickle but the Giardiniera is delicious and is so fun to make because it’s so visually delightful in the jar.

Only a few of my hands were splashed repeatedly with hot water during the course of the day. Canning is a dangerous sport.


My favorite part about the photo above, is the part where we got super lazy towards the end and starting mixing all the leftover vegetables into one jar, despite the intended recipes. Hey, cucumber Giardiniera may become a new thing.

In the end, I think the four of us filled nearly 30 jars. We promise to share!

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