Since 1979, Paru’s Indian Vegetarian Restaurant has lived in its unassuming home on Sunset Boulevard. This restaurant, that looks like it’s closed all the time, is a hidden celebration of Southern Indian cuisine. The Indian cuisine that most of us are more familiar with, is Northern Indian cuisine, which is proud owner of the Tandoori cooking method. Southern Indian cuisine tends to be spicier than other regions and is centered around rice and lentils.

When you come up on Paru’s front door, don’t let the locked gate scare you away–simply push the bell and the manager will let you in! I always sit on the patio–the inside is beautifully ornate and comfortable but I personally prefer the enchanted cove outside.

Paru’s offering of dinner combination plates are extremely generous. I have had all of them but my favorite is the Indian Thali plate. It has basmati rice, poori (puffed wheat bread), lentil curry, cauliflower and potato curry, sambar (spicy vegetable gravy), rasam (tamarind and lentil soup), papad (crispy lentil cracker), yoghurt, and pickle. Doing one of the combination plates as takeout is epic–there are so many containers of goodies and they pack them all separately. Perfect for parceling it out over a meal or two.

I adore this quiet getaway right under the nose of a busy Hollywood, just outside its locked door. It is a landmark, in its own right.

+ Paru’s Indian Vegetarian Restaurant | 5140 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90027


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