It’s been a tiring couple of weeks on the work side of my life. Hopefully soon, things will be headed toward some much needed personal conquest and accomplishment.

I have been traveling the past week in Canada (more on that soon!) and the travel and lack of sleep really gave my body a beating! I got home and really tried to do a little pampering. I wanted to share with you my favorite skin detoxifying product–Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret.

Alright, so it may sound strange but here is the scoop. Calcium Bentonite Clay is volcanic ash that has had all its impurities burned away, leaving behind only pure trace minerals.

There are endless uses for the clay. Certain clays can be taken internally to heal and purify and others are for external detoxification. Bentonite clay uses a negative ionic charge to capture and absorb toxins. You can really fall down the rabbit hole learning about the possibilities.

This application in particular mixes the clay with apple cider vinegar, a strong antibacterial, to purify the skin. The clay can be purchased at many health food store or online here. (This clay is for external use only!)

In order to create this mask, mix equal parts of vinegar and clay (a tablespoon of each works for me!). I recommend using organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar (like this one) which contains more of the ingredients we want in the treatment.

An important note is to not mix the mask with a metal utensil–this can alter the charges in the clay. I use a ziploc baggy–easier clean up also! Apply mask all over face in a thin layer and let dry for 15-20 minutes. Okay, a few things–your face will pulsate and tingle. Don’t be alarmed, the mask is doing its thing!

Also, this clay gets quite tight! Don’t plan on having extended conversation or smiling (ha!). 

After your time is up, rinse up gently and thoroughly with warm water. Your face will be red, where the clay has increased the blood circulation–this is completely normal and will fade in about 20 minutes. This truly is one of the greatest differences I have made in my skin for the least money. I treat at least once a week. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for some of you!


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