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I still haven’t told you guys about all the beautiful things I saw on my road trip this past summer. That being said, I’ve also spared you detailed stories of all the times since the road trip that life was rude and I became fused with the couch and proceeded to watch Vince Gill singing at George Jones’ funeral over and over on my iPad (if you EVER need a good cry, my lord, that clip.) 

One of these days, I’m simply going to use this blog as an outlet in which I solely write in detail about my feelings and dramatic sensitivities. The blog will either go insanely viral or be blocked by corporate servers all over the country. Okay, ANYWAY, I must tell you about Omaha. Three major things–humidity, steak, tiny house. Enough humidity to prevent eyeglasses to be worn effectively outdoors, the best steak I’ve have ever had in my life (hi, cheap beer lyrics, I love you more than anything!), and Jamie Hiner’s tiny house.

Sincerely, this night was one of the most unique and special experiences. Now, look at this perfect picture and then click to read more in order to really understand what in the world I’m even talking about and what a tiny house even means.

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I rarely ever go to the Westside of Los Angeles. It isn’t on principle or because I’m a self-righteous Eastsider (well, maybe a little)–it’s due to the fact that during the week, it’s impossible to get over there with my schedule and then on the weekend, it simply never occurs to me to drive more than 2 miles past my couch. Well, a Saturday or two ago, it occurred to me and I paused my obsessive re-watching of Breaking Bad (Giancarlo Esposito is a god damn genius) to start checking off my other-side-of-town restaurant wish list. First up, of many, was Taqueria Los Anaya. 

It goes without saying that Los Angeles is full of notable and authentic Mexican restaurants but I need to tell you that Taqueria Los Anaya wrote its name in sharpie on my list for a completely unexpected dish. I had read about their wonderful homemade tortillas and carne asada and that is what my intention mainly consisted of but I was completely side-swiped by the the Roasted Tortilla Soup. I will give the tacos attention also later but this soup deserves to be above the jump. That way, you are forced to stare at it and its seductive steam then will have no choice but to click and read more. I’ll also get one of two gripes out of the way before you click through–when you order chips and salsa, pico de gallo does NOT count! I’m done. Click through.

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I wanted to share a little bit of what’s been inspiring me to do my dishes and cook fall meals. These pictures are all so dreamy! I may need to cook a dreamy someone dinner very soon.

mushrooms | buy Lyrica in canada
squash | source unknown
apples | buy Lyrica in mexico
parsnips | buy Lyrica in uk

buy Lyrica india