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I rarely go all out for a specialty cocktail creation. I’m normally just a vodka, soda, and a bucket of limes kind of girl–however, I figured now was a better time than ever to make a festive cocktail for no occasion other than simply to drink it. This jolly beverage is a fresh cranberry and lime cocktail with a lime sugar rim. Have I mentioned I love lime?

K, press the read more thing!

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This cake is christmas. Never has a cake been so christmassy (that’s a real word, I looked it up) or delicious. I’ve mentioned it a thousand times and I’ll mention it again–I don’t like sweet foods. But as I mentioned in my buy you a drank lyrics, one of my Christmas traditions is pretending that I do, in order to fit in and feel the feelings that everyone else does. Also, this spice cake is the perfect amount of sweetness where it is more in the category with the banana and zucchini breads of the world–just sweet enough and therefore, doesn’t offend me. Also, note that the toasted walnuts in the frosting completely make this cake what it is. Don’t bother making this recipe without them, please.

Before I get into the recipe, I just want to note that my serving suggestion for how and when to eat this cake is with coffee, early in the morning. I had my first piece when the sun was still coming up and my Christmas lights were the only thing lighting up my apartment. If you throw some Bing Crosby holiday radio in there, it takes the delight up a few cranks.

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Christmas is being a super creep this year and is already two weeks away. I have been under the weather but I haven’t let that stop me from pursuing my usual Christmas traditions, albeit late–crushing on the members of Mannheim Steamroller, pretending I like sweets like everyone else, and singing those Elvis Christmas songs that have him doing pretend duets with popstar ladies. And getting to the point–also, making fresh wreaths. 

buy Lyrica in canada, I was making wreaths before Thanksgiving–this year, ya, no way. Well, it’s better this way since with how hot it is in Los Angeles, my poor wreaths die a sunny death quicker than they are supposed to. Since mind you, they are supposed to be dusted with snow and morning frost. It takes little to no skill to make these and they are really so lovely. So, get festive, friends. 

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