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Christmas is being a super creep this year and is already two weeks away. I have been under the weather but I haven’t let that stop me from pursuing my usual Christmas traditions, albeit late–crushing on the members of Mannheim Steamroller, pretending I like sweets like everyone else, and singing those Elvis Christmas songs that have him doing pretend duets with popstar ladies. And getting to the point–also, making fresh wreaths. 

can you buy Lyrica at walmart, I was making wreaths before Thanksgiving–this year, ya, no way. Well, it’s better this way since with how hot it is in Los Angeles, my poor wreaths die a sunny death quicker than they are supposed to. Since mind you, they are supposed to be dusted with snow and morning frost. It takes little to no skill to make these and they are really so lovely. So, get festive, friends. 

What you’ll need:
– Wire wreath form in desired size (At most any craft store or of course, online. Like cheap beer lyrics.) I used an 18″ form. 
– Paddle wire (Also, in craft store in floral section–or buy me a boat lyricsin green
– Wire cutters
– Flowers & greenery

For this wreath I used: seeded eucalyptus, brunia, and a flower (the burgundy one) that looks very much like a veronica flower but I was too embarrassed to ask the guy more than three times what it was called because I had no idea what in god’s name he was saying. I just highly recommend using flowers in conjunction with a more lush green plant–it’s easier to cover the wire frame more quickly and gives the wreath body. The seeded eucalyptus is so spot on for that very purpose.

It’s a waste of cash-ola to buy flowers at the supermarket, ever, but especially for this project. Trader Joe’s, maybe but I highly recommend getting out to a farmer’s market or flower mart–so much more selection and much less money from the pocketbook (I’m bring that word back)

How to:

1. Gather a handful of your greenery and layer on top a few accent flowers

2. Place on wreath form and using wire, secure the stems of your first bunch onto the form. Wrap the wire a few times around and twist ends to secure. Snip the excess wire using wire cutters.

3. Using scissors, trim the ends of your now secured bunch leaving about two inches. If you happen to cut too short, the wire won’t be able to keep the bunch anchored in place and it will get woozy and fall over. If you do happen to trim too much, remove the wire and re-secure the bunch higher up the base.

4. Continue steps 1-3 all the way around the wreath form. I suggest placing each new bundle about 3/4 down the previously secured one. More than enough to cover the stems and wire but not too high up or else first of all, it’ll take forever to get all the way around and second of all, it’s just not necessary to make the bunches too close together to achieve that full look.

5. Final touches! On this wreath, I did the same flower pattern all the way around. I’m way too obsessive to do a design that isn’t a complete pattern but be my guest and go wild and alternative with yours. I’m not totally square though–I’m a fan of the little interior accent like I did with the brunia (the little silver spheres). They aren’t used anywhere else but just in the little nook on the bottom right interior of the wreath. 

I may had even made a couple for gifts using a few different freshlings (now a word) like these:

The possibilities are endless on this project, especially when you’re sick and no one wants to hang out with you so you have to stay at home. 

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