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Falling down the rabbit hole of the internet will always be a justified way to spend my time because the possibility of discovery is quite within reach. I mean, through a simple suggested photo about (only) 546 swipes downward on instagram, I found Hot Cactus (or plainly, the Cactus Store) and their beautiful month-old store in Echo Park. All they sell are cactuses/cacti–I can’t say cacti, it doesn’t sound quite right. Also, I just verified via search engines that the former is an acceptable plural spelling in addition to the latter. 

In the unassuming location, nestled among some pretty wonderful other little stores (cookbook, beatrice venezuela…to name a few) on Echo Park Avenue you will find a wide variety of stunningly minimal presentations. The simplicity of said presentation and product is pretty flawless, in my mind. Aside from that, what a kind staff. Truly friendly, without a side of hipster snark, can be few and far between around these parts.

The potted cactus arrangements started at around $28 and were all reasonably priced for what you get in return–some of the large guys only ran about $68. Yes, you can go get a cactus at the Home Depot gardening center but it won’t be mature and so far well tended to, teracotta-potted with beautiful little sparkly rocks, accompanied by specific care instructions, and packaged tenderly so you can take your plant home without hurting yourself. My newest addition (cheap beer lyrics, on instagram) is settling in nicely–although it became a kitten lunch buffet as a result of its original placement, so he’s now enjoying higher ground. More photos past the ‘Read More’.

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It seems to me that most people have a love-hate relationship with deviled eggs. The hate side of the egg aisle definitely has reason. Everyone has been to a family potluck where they rest, inevitably, on the six-foot folding table in one of those amazing decorative trays only used for deviled eggs. Usually the tray is shaped like a chicken or something fun. Pause–I just spent ten minutes googling decorative egg platters. Good lord.

Anyway, the problems with most deviled eggs you or I have probably had are many. They either are dry or too full o’ mayo, they have no seasoning just some yellow mustard or something, they are overcooked–or my personal favorite, they have that “been out too long” taste since the creator made them early that morning and hours have passed while they got to their final destination in a trunk full of other potluck paraphernalia.

I’m going to request that you erase all of these painful memories and try at least one of these little guys. You can still serve them on one of buy you a drank lyrics, though. Alright, click through to find out about all three recipes featured in my deviled egg roundup and also, how to hard-cook eggs perfectly.

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This recipe isn’t quick, super easy, and doesn’t use only five ingredients but it’s quite worth the effort. Honestly, I wish I would have made this today instead of last Sunday because it’s the perfect weather in Los Angeles to have the oven on all day to warm up the apartment–all cloudy, cool, and dreary. Except for the part where my crappy oven sets off my crappy smoke alarms every single time, the whole time.

This recipe is a pretty traditional version of the Milanese dish with a few small tweaks that I think make it even better which is of course, why I make that way. I use a red wine in the sauce versus the traditional white wine and I use a lot of fresh thyme and bay leaves. So, there isn’t much innovation here–it’s just a really good god damn dish.

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