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When the goal is to write a blog that goes a little bit beyond just a place for food and lifestyle, it starts to involve sharing details about your life. Some of the blogs I love the very most are the ones where I am brought into the world of the writer and I feel a connection to not only their point of view on the topics being shared but also, their personal life.

But there’s the part where if you really let people into your world (the part that actually might connect with certain people the most) depending on what’s happening in your life, you might have to talk about topics that involve people you know or used to know that aren’t always the happiest things–on a blog. I mean, how complicated is that? You can’t really talk about difficult things that involve other people in public forum. I mean you can but those writers are either fictional (like Carrie Bradshaw), writing under pseudonym (like in an advice column or something), or just one of those brazenly bold chicks who write about all their relationships and work troubles in detail and achieve great success (like Chelsea Handler.) Sharing of oneself in an imperfect light, I mean that’s definitely difficult too but at least it’s just you and you’re the one who is choosing to share whatever it is but other people?

Well, to sum it up, if you’re in any way struggling on the way towards personal goals that involve a third party, no blogging can do, at least for me. So that being said, you’re not really gonna hear about my year or even ever hear fun little stories like how I hid behind a mylar balloon supermarket display recently to avoid seeing and having a conversation with an ex. 

But I will say, that even though this year gave me about a thousand gray hairs and plenty of sleepless nights, it also brought me to fifteen different states, a wonderful new job that I am so lucky to have, moments of love more beautiful than I ever imagined, inspiration that keeps getting better, and about one million and three meals that reminded me over and over again that food really is just everything. 

This year is sure going to be whatever it’s bound to be but I’m going to do my best to make it what I want it to be and that’s all any of us can do. Oh and maybe, just maybe this year, I’ll tell you the full story of that mylar balloon grocery hideout. 

love and happy new year!

+ photos from my christmas road trip stop in big sur | photo credit: a complete stranger.

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