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I’ve been making this cheesecake since a dinner party a few years back required that I bring a vegan dessert. It’s visited about 5 gatherings since and is always met with much praise–it’s a foolproof recipe that is bound to please everyone, no matter what their dietary restrictions are. And to those folks with no specific dietary restrictions, it’s simply an amazing cheesecake that isn’t a bajillion calories. 

I can’t say enough about how close in flavor it is to the real thing without using anything but fruits, nuts, and a little agave. This is also a raw dessert, set to serve by freezing (rather than baking) which means it lasts weeks frozen, making it so easy to pop out for a quick dessert. Now I’m a relatively (joke) honest gal so I will say that the prep does require you wait a good couple hours for the almonds and cashews to soak so the underlying ingredient in all of this is a little patience. This doesn’t however, mean the recipe is difficult, so don’t walk away so fast. 

I have always made this recipe as one large cheesecake, served in cheap beer lyrics but today, I decided to twist it up a bit and make mini little guys–you can choose your own destiny, both are just as wondrous. Add this recipe to your arsenal, it’s such a good one. Also, note that I don’t really have an issue, fundamentally, with you taking credit for it.

Recipe after the jump!

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Time wasted on instagram is not always wasted. I constantly find myself introduced to so many new businesses, artists, and ideas. In this case, through said not-wasted time, I came across the work of Cash Wheeler. Based in Oklahoma City, Cash is an artist and woodworker who uses reclaimed wood as his medium to create the most rad and unique wall pieces, tables, and various other furnishings. Seems the last time I was this excited about Oklahoma was when I drove through Garth Brooks’ buy Lyrica europe of Yukon, OK last summer, singing ‘Good Ride Cowboy’ at the top of my lungs.

But I digress–down at the 5 month mark on Cash’s instagram feed, I saw buy Lyrica from mexico I had to have. I e-mailed him to inquire and although that particular piece was no longer available in his etsy shop, he quickly and kindly informed me he could make me one just like it. Now settled happily in my place, take a look at my newest wall piece and also, learn more about the guy behind it.

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I rarely choose a salad to make up the entirety of my meal. Truthfully, I’d rather a trough of pasta but it’s really not my intention to bust the seams of all my jeans so salad must happen from time to time. This one though, has so much to it that I didn’t consume anything else and managed to be sufficiently satisfied–a rare occurrence for this bottomless pit.

It’s full of roasted vegetables and chiles, cumin spiced chicken, avocado, arugula, cotija cheese, and is topped with a tangy yet sweet lime cilantro dressing. It’s also top of the class for leftovers because it’s quite a sturdy mix. In summary, pasta is better than this salad but this salad is really good.

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