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Time wasted on instagram is not always wasted. I constantly find myself introduced to so many new businesses, artists, and ideas. In this case, through said not-wasted time, I came across the work of Cash Wheeler. Based in Oklahoma City, Cash is an artist and woodworker who uses reclaimed wood as his medium to create the most rad and unique wall pieces, tables, and various other furnishings. Seems the last time I was this excited about Oklahoma was when I drove through Garth Brooks’ can you buy Lyrica at walmart of Yukon, OK last summer, singing ‘Good Ride Cowboy’ at the top of my lungs.

But I digress–down at the 5 month mark on Cash’s instagram feed, I saw cheap beer lyrics I had to have. I e-mailed him to inquire and although that particular piece was no longer available in his etsy shop, he quickly and kindly informed me he could make me one just like it. Now settled happily in my place, take a look at my newest wall piece and also, learn more about the guy behind it.

Where are you from?
I grew up in Duncan, OK. Its a small town about 90 miles south of Oklahoma City.

How did you end up in Oklahoma City?
I moved to OKC to attend college at UCO for music production.

What’s your favorite thing about living there?
There are a lot of great things about OKC. Its the perfect size to feel like you’re in a city but not be overwhelmed. Its kind of like a really spread out small town with some of the features of a large metro. We’re definitely in a growing stage. There is a lot of money going to the renovation of downtown. Professional and semi-professional sports teams are getting established and really taking root. There are a lot of promoters of the local economy and several artists, restaurants and small shops are popping up every year. Most of these are flourishing in a community that is really eager to show their support. Its a great time to be in OKC.

Is wood working a hobby or your day job?
Right now it is somewhere in between. I split my work days between woodworking at home and another part time job. I will definitely continue this for a while, but I plan to turn art and woodworking into a sustainable occupation.

Would you rather cook dinner or do the dishes?
Haha. My wife and I will usually team up when we cook dinner, but I do the dishes most of the time since I work from home some days. If I were given an ultimatum between the two I would probably stick with dishes because I can’t stand having a messy sink or dirty kitchen.

Check out Cash and his awesome work on instagram and etsy. Don’t hesitate to e-mail him for any custom work requests.

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Credit for all photos of Cash doing his thing goes to Billy Muschinske.

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