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Project minimize and simplify has begun around here. Physical clutter, emotional clutter–it just collects. I mean, am I really ever going to re-read old handwritten love notes over a cup of english breakfast and blissfully reminisce about how someone used to have feelings for me? I’m more likely to read the stack of manuals from my vacuum and DVD player.  Either way, they’re both in my drawers to apparently serve two purposes–to remind me that I maybe, maybe, might someday need them again and then to remind me I definitely will never, ever need them again.

As I’ve been going through my apartment, section by section (I am finding this to be quite manageable and realistic) and throwing everything into garbage bags that I haven’t missed, noticed, or used in the past 365 days, I have come to a happy realization that a meal, can never be clutter.  It’s my art that doesn’t stack up or collect dust. I can create and create, cook and bake, and then it’ll just be consumed in preparation of the next idea. Sure, leftovers can technically create clutter, if uneaten in a timely manner but they have to be thrown out due to direct, impending consequence of nasty. I wish my magazine, books, and clothes started to smell bad if I wasn’t using them often enough. Now, if only the dishes did themselves–yesterday, I strongly considered hiring someone just to come wash them. 

This homemade potato gnocchi (dumpling) recipe takes a little intuition and a dose of patience but it’s worth every minute and is absolutely delicious. Yukon Gold potatoes provide more flavor than your usual Russet. Baking the spuds (on a bed of kosher salt) instead of boiling them, prevents any water logging and leaves them fluffy and moist. A touch of olive oil, instead of just potatoes and flour, makes a silky dough. Drying the dumplings for a couple hours before quickly boiling them in salted water, ensures the finished texture isn’t gummy but rather are just right. Since simple is the theme, the flavors on the finished gnocchi are right in keeping–a little butter, chives, parmesan cheese, and a sprinkle of salt. Click through below, to read and see more.

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I have officially survived my first week back to regular life after my trip to Tennessee (and a quick night in North Carolina) and I definitely have been going through post-vacation adjustments. And for me, that entails a few (many) things–getting back to my day job, apparently getting sick, getting back to my workouts, back to avoiding breaking my neck every 4.5 minutes by tripping on an underfoot boy kitten, getting over the emotions felt on the trip itself and missing where I was (more on that soon), and most of all–missing the amazing and life-changing food in the South. There is just nothing like it. 

Today’s recipe is inspired but one of the favorite bites I took, out of approximately 6,578 bites that I took on my trip. buy Lyrica from mexico, with Chef Sean Brock at the helm, served up the kind of meal that really makes you stop and think. And what I mean by that, is not only do you try to decipher how in the world the flavors came to be as they are and by what method, but you just almost stop and think simply so that you stop eating because you don’t want it to end. I had a beautiful nut-crusted catfish as my entree but what took the trophy was the cheap flights lyrics

Those of you who haven’t heard of Sean Brock’s philosophy and approach, I highly recommend watching Mind of a Chef: Season 2 (on Netflix) or reading his can you buy Lyrica from canada. He is making it his life’s work to revive heritage foods and in his restaurant, single-handedly disproves that the south is all about deep-fried and butter-laden. The afore-mentioned vegetable plate provided five interpretations of vegetables, as I couldn’t have conceived myself–at least I don’t think. My favorite was the grilled heirloom cabbages with sunflower seeds.

My version of the dish uses both red and green cabbage, a super hot skillet, a touch of apple cider vinegar, and raw walnuts to create a healthy and intensely flavorful dish. Enjoy my spin-off and my attempt to get back to Nashville, on a plate.

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