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My new hobby, over the past couple weeks, is watching romantic comedies. I’m shamelessly into my newly acquired pastime, too. I have long since burned through the ones, that I adore, like “About a Boy”(I bought that particular one on DVD from a thrift store for $3 and then got home and the box was empty–so I ended up renting it), “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, and my all-time favorite–“About Time.” After all the greats were done and watched, I even went on to discover a few new ones on suggestion from others (“It’s Complicated” and “Defending Your Life”–both Meryl Streep movies.) 

Now though, I have basically been reduced to be in a competition with myself to see how crappy of a rom com I can watch and exactly how much of it I can get through. Bonus points are awarded if I manage to cry during an atrociously scripted scene. Two weekends ago, I got knocked out in the first round  by “Good Luck Chuck” (starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba)–I only made it 12 minutes through before turning it off. But then I redeemed my failure in round two by managing to shed a tear during the final scene of “Maid in Manhattan.” 

The egg dish featured in today’s post was enjoyed this past, beautifully cloudy, early Sunday morning during a 6:30am re-watch of “Notting Hill.” I talk all the time about various egg cooking techniques and that is, of course, the foundation of an amazing egg dish but this recipe focuses more so, on what is served with said egg. I adore eggs and toast but with a bit more time and effort, the toast part is given quite the delicious upgrade.

Now, don’t accuse me of Rachael Ray like behavior for the cutesy “Dippy Egg” title. “Dippy Eggs and Soldiers” are a thing, that I did not invent nor name. Typically it involves a simple soft-cooked egg served in an egg cup with pieces of toast, cut into dip-able sized pieces. In my version, the egg is a 5 minute egg (remember the cheap beer lyrics?) served with what can only be described as an amazing grilled cheese sandwich (filled with sharp gruyere cheese and roasted broccolini,) cut into previously referenced dip-able sized pieces. The crappy romantic movie is an additional serving suggestion. 

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I put things off for as long as possible yet I have absolutely no patience. I guess it makes sense since the things I put off are difficult and I don’t have patience because I don’t want to wait for the things I need to happen or want to have. Having no patience always makes me try to rush a result and take shortcuts. For example, I get super impatient when I read and start the page and then my eyes frolic quickly down to the end of the page and I simply think to myself “Pshh, I can figure out what happened in between.” Then, shocker, I have no god damn idea what is happening and have to go back and re-read.

I’ve been teaching myself to knit (because I need to possess as many old lady qualities as humanly possible) and I bought this step-by-step book and I really did follow along through the entire first section about how to cast the yarn on the needle and then I got super bored and just tried to figure it out. I ended up with a lame nub of knotted yarn that I thought would only serve purpose as a joke gift to a friend that afternoon. He just said “what am I supposed to do with this?” flatly and handed it right back to me.

This is where I should say that when you take shortcuts, it doesn’t pay off, blah blah. But most of the time, when I skip the proper sequence, I still land on my feet and more so, stick the landing–which is really not a good way to learn a lesson, is it? Whoops. In theory, I am currently working on doing things the correct and patient way on some larger life topics than knitting. Improbable but I’ll keep you all posted.

The bright side is that my impatience to wait for what I want allows me to make good food that most of the time, doesn’t require much accuracy, planning, or overnight business like a marinade. Case and point–my spicy mustard cheese toast. It’s the perfect snack, could very well be a meal, and it’s so simple to make. Sharp cheddar cheese is mixed with english mustard, spices, and herbs and then baked on top a slice of crusty bread. This is when my Dad would jokingly ask me “and exactly how did you achieve this flavor without any butter or fat?”

Now, it’s seemingly a bit off but the recipe calls for a little mayo and an egg yolk to be tossed into the mix–those two ingredients might make you hesitate a bit during the process but when in doubt, stare at the finished cheese toast–it’ll keep you going towards your goal, much like staring at a picture of six-pack abs would make you not eat this cheese toast. Seriously though, those two ingredients bind the topping together and make all the difference. All things for a reason. Click through after the tasty toast picture for the recipe. 

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