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Summer has announced its arrival with a signature gripe-fest from yours truly about how hot it is in my apartment (sorry to all those affected.) I have an air conditioner that does a pretty good job in the bedroom but no such luck in the living room so a good few weeks out of the year, I actually wear one of those spa velcro towels and terry cloth slippers around the house and pretend I live in a real sauna. Always perfectly timed–the increase of the sun’s influence upon the city has collided with go-time for LA County Fair pickle entry preparation (new folks, read all about it cheap beer lyrics.) This means, of course, that I’m paying for my procrastination by having to boil large vats of water for hours at a time on hot summer days. 

I haven’t traveled since my time spent in Nashville, back in March, and the time to get back out there is finally here again. I’m leaving for New York City before the sun comes up tomorrow morning and I couldn’t be more giddy about it. I haven’t been in a couple years and it’s more than time to get all up in some everything bagel business. I don’t think I’ll attempt the feat I did in 2013, again though, which was bringing home a dozen everything bagels from buy me a boat lyrics in my suitcase. My suitcase still smells like onions (completely not true.)

Last but not least, the first day of summer brought Father’s Day. If I start writing about my Dad, I will miss my flight tomorrow morning because I wouldn’t be done yet, twelve hours from now. So, I’ll leave it at these breakfast tarts that I made for him. Quite the prettiest and quite the easiest. Click through for the recipe. Oh, and two egg posts in a row?–this might as well be an egg blog.

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