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One more day! I cannot find one thing not perfect about the concept of stuffing. It’s bread that’s been doused in butter and rich stock, then tossed with softened vegetables and fresh herbs, then baked until crispy all over. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I am a Thanksgiving purist. You can keep your andouille sausage and dried fruits out of my stuffing, thank you very much. I define classic stuffing as if the Stove Top box were to magically turn into fresh versions of those ingredients.

Now, for all you food nerds, yes yes yes–I know this is technically called “dressing” because I didn’t make it STUFFED inside of the bird but come on, the picture below is what people associate with the word stuffing. Don’t make me call my dish, dressing.

Okay, how is my recipe any better or any different? The portions of all of these classic ingredients are weighted in a way to result in an extremely moist stuffing and it’s cooked with a method that results in a stuffing with the most crispy edges possible. You don’t want to have a crispy edge that came from a dry piece of bread. If the bread loses its moisture completely in the baking process, it will just continue to harden and become the texture of a super hard crouton. No one wants to break a tooth on Thanksgiving because of the bad kind of “crispy.” Instead, think of the edges of a deep dish pizza–crispy, chewy, and moist, all at the same time. All the while, the center of our stuffing remains almost bread pudding-like.

In order to achieve this glorious contrast of textures, I make my stuffing in a cast iron skillet. It reaches an amazing high heat yet allows the food to cook evenly throughout because it holds such consistent temperature as it bakes and gets no hot or cold spots. And besides, nothing looks cooler when cooking than if its in a cast iron skillet. Of course, you can go sans cast iron and make this dish in a classic baking dish but I might give you a touch of side eye, if you do. Just kidding. Click through below for the full recipe! 

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I adore green bean casserole, very much, but that’s not the only place these lanky legumes have on the Thanksgiving table. I like to have some cool and crisp vegetables play a part in turkey day to offset the cream, meat, and carbs that tend to take center stage. This fresh green bean salad nods to it’s cream of mushroom laden cousin with crispy shallots but keeps it on the lighter side, simply topped with a fresh lemon vinaigrette.

The green beans themselves are barely cooked in boiling water so they are bright green and snap back at you when you eat them–because honestly, a smushed over-cooked green beans is the worst thing ever. Recipe is after the jump!

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Thanksgiving has officially descended upon my tiny kitchen. If I’m going to share some of my favorite recipes with you all, as you plan your menu for the big day, I will of course have to cook said recipes in advance of the big day. Huge sacrifice, I know. Typically, when it comes to Thanksgiving, I have an adoration of a classic approach. I mean, there is no place for a chipotle persimmon glazed turkey or a dried apricot & goat cheese stuffing on my table.

Now, don’t get me wrong–new methods, tips & tricks, and recipes for Thanksgiving are more than welcome but I try to color inside the lines and keep it pretty traditional. For example, a good mashed potato is usually my spud choice for the turkey day spread but these scalloped potatoes are a perfect ode to the classic while adding a little something new. Slice after slice of russet potato are stacked together, snuggled in a casserole dish, covered in a parmesan, garlic, & herb cream, and baked for a good while. Unlike traditional scalloped potatoes, the potatoes are stacked vertically on their ends instead of laying flat. By doing this, the finished product has more crispy edges After an hour and a half, the potatoes are perfectly cooked and each slice is infused on both sides with the flavors of rosemary, thyme, parmesan, and garlic. So, so good. Click through below for the full recipe!


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