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LEIF and their beautiful products are the things that set your space apart and make it memorable and unique.  Stacy and her lovely online shop present a true feast for the eyes at surprisingly achievable prices–in a world where a wooden spoon can cost $100 dollars (true story–from a shop across the street from me).

These are among some of my many current favorites!


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I’ve been so enamored with muted neutral and gold tones lately. My constant thoughts have been on new things for the home. Truthfully, I’ve been daydreaming of a house in the middle of nowhere that I can make my own–sometimes my thoughts go country girl for a few weeks and tend to come back to the city. One day, the country house dream just might stick.


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Life has been a bit transitional around here. I can’t quite explain it but I’ve been spending a lot of time continuing to analyze, reflect on, and continually change my patterns and circumstances for the better. Some of the more active movements (literally) have been spending 3 days a week in spin class and at least 2 on the yoga mat. Of course, challenges are thrown left and right on keeping it up (like I am very under the weather right now) but it’s been a really great 5 weeks of this re-dedication. As far as the inactive transitions, I have embraced the hours before sunrise to have for myself. There have been many old movies, cups of coffee, and dark sky egg breakfasts–more on that another time.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I have been spending a lot of time working on a re-design of the site! I am very excited about the outcome but I’ll tell you, it’s certainly a task. A lot of puzzle piece fitting, as far as coding goes. I have been spending most of my time working on the new rather than posting here–I’m working on fixing that!

+ Meet my newest vintage find.

+ Ranunculus were everywhere in my house last week.

+ My great-grandfather’s Rx bottles on the shelf they were always stored on, with mini freesia clippings in a vintage creamer container.

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