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I am just in love with pretty much everything over at Spartan. Such a beautifully curated shop! Their brick and mortar location is in Austin, Texas but they have a simply lovely online selection. Here are a few of my favorite things.

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1. a homemade wreath (featuring leather leaf and red coffee beans)

2. and another wreath (featuring dusty willow, eucalyptus, and white coffee beans)

3. making the house smell like christmas with mulling spices in a little water and simmering

4. a little christmas card outtake with the girl kitten

5. a california sunset on sunset beach

6. huntington harbor cruise of lights

7. dad and i

8. early christmas morning in the house

9. a green breakfast

10. baked eggs (with tarragon, thyme, and chives), potato and kale cake, creamed spinach, and avocado

11. my favorite ornament of all time 

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I am enamoured with the macramé creations by Sally England. The michigan based fibers artist is creating custom curated works for private residences, hotels, and other businesses. Just some truly dreamy stuff.

Custom wall hanging created for a private residence in Los Angeles.

Cotton rope, dyed fabric. 

Headboard for Room 420 in ACE Hotel, Portland, Oregon. 

+ Covet the rest of Sally’s beautiful creations buy a heart lyrics

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