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So, the next step up from having a song stuck in your head is having a song stuck on your speakers. I am the worst offender of being in stupid love with a song and playing it over and over (and over) again. There are many reasons I adore living alone and playing the same songs incessantly is right up there with leaving home shopping television on while I sleep. Side note to my beloved QVC: super not cool to demonstrate a bissell stick vac in the middle of the night, last night–a vacuum stills sounds like a vacuum through my TV speakers and will wake me up. 

Two weeks ago, I swear I played “The Wanderer” by Dion approximately 712 times in one week. It’s usually not songs I newly discover that make the broken record club. Most often, it’s songs that come up on a shuffle of sorts that I haven’t heard in a while that spark either high or low on the emotional spectrum, that make the cut. I will take a minute to note here that as far as said emotional spectrum goes, if it’s a scale of 1-10, I’m either ranging in the 1,2,3 or the 7,8,9, not often in between.

So when it comes to what defines my song obsession of the moment, I’m either dancing all over my car or apartment to it or crying like those cartoons where the water starts building up around them and they swim away, because of it. I’ve been playing Vince Gill’s album “These Days” on repeat for almost a week straight and I don’t see any end in sight because every song on it satisfies one or both of the aforementioned emotions. No one can stop me either because if a Vince Gill tree falls in the forest…

Okay moving on, these steak tacos make for a perfect summer night dinner. The chimichurri, that gets its smoky edge from the addition of a charred poblano pepper, doubles as both the marinade and the topping for the tacos. I used a skirt steak but you are more than welcome to substitute a flatiron steak or another of your favorite cuts, if more readily available or a better price. Since the chimichurri has so much flavor, on top of the marinated steak, I left the toppings simple with a little sour cream and red cabbage. Okay, click through below to read the recipe in full! 

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