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Friday adventures led my Dad and I to a few lovely farms outside of Los Angeles (in Ventura and Somis, to be precise). There are so many amazing growers and producers right outside of the city to explore and of course from which you can buy fresh produce, flowers, and artisan goods. (Oh, and more notably, I walked away with habanero pickles)

Happiness is feeding an Alpaca some carrots. Oh, and their pretty eyelashes.

In the farm stand in the front, you can buy a rainbow of produce. So beautiful! (cauliflower, romanesco, and candy beets)

Our favorite farm of the day and source of the loveliness shown above was cheap beer lyrics. They have beautiful grounds, sweet animals to feed, a fully stocked store with more than just farm grown items but also other local products, and the ability to pick your own berries. 

Sometimes it's too easy to forget how much we have right in our own backyard. So great to be reminded and appreciate how much California has to offer and to get off the beaten path. 

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