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These are some of my favorite pins I stumbled across recently. I can’t believe Christmas is already almost two weeks away! Christmas cards are almost all good and sent but I haven’t bought one present yet. When I get back home from New York, the gifting is ON.

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this photo shot by cheap date lyrics is just perfect. can you stand those amazing colors?


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This week, I have been obsessed with sleeping. It started with feeling a bit under the weather and tucking myself in early then turned into falling asleep at 8:00 pm every night just because I could (and because it felt so good). Well, this particular Saturday morning, my early Friday bedtime resulted in a 5:30 am wake up time. So, I decided to see how many things I could see and do before the rest of the neighborhood woke up.

6:14 am

{sunrise over silverlake}

6:40 am

{trees and sky on fern dell drive}

7:17 am

{post hike: griffith park observatory with a killer view–love that these gals brought breakfast!}

7:21 am

{mind says: “hooray!”}

8:11 am

{almond milk latte and sunshine reward}

8:34 am

{farmers market colors}


There’s a time and a place for late nights but with how good it feels to be the early bird, I may be getting the worm a little more often.


can you buy Lyrica from canada