Chalkboard paint is oh so trendy (in case you haven't noticed). The inspiration for today's post came from multiple pinterest finds suggesting creative ways to hold chalk for your chalkboard. Like this using an upside down drawer pull or this using a vintage match safe. Here is my take on this project using wood candle cups!




{in clockwise order} 

acrylic paint in your choice of color / finish 

wood candle cup (I used these) If you can't find these, a small wooden bowl would work perfectly.

sand paper

paint brushes

command adhesive strips

hand saw


STEP 1      Using hand saw (and loads of caution), saw a candle cup in half

STEP 2      Sand down the edges of the now halved cup. Focus on making sure the exposed back surfaces are flat and even! This will be very important when adhering to the wall. 


STEP 3      Paint! I did solid colors but get creative. The next set is destined for polka dots, I think.


STEP 4      After the paint has completely dried, trim command strips to fit on all exposed areas on the back of the cup.


STEP 5      Adhere to chalkboard and fill with chalk! I used one for white chalk and one for colorful chalk.


And the best part of all? They match my owls.



  1. Holly Rutkowski says

    Cute! I recently painted a whole wall in my apt. chalkboard so i can forever writes lists!

  2. Holly Rutkowski says

    write*** lists haha