Today makes it one month since I adopted my littlest kitten, Gilligan. When my older two were kittens, I was in a completely different place in my life (literally and figuratively). I was in a low-stress job with predictable hours and for this reason and I’m sure many more, I am realizing now that I had so much more patience back then. I forgot that when the legs start moving they become toys, that full cups of water are more fun when you tip them over, and that swatting at eyes moving under closed and sleeping eyelids is the coolest game ever. He is teething and bites everything that moves and apparently everything on me that hurts when bitten. But then, he starts nibbling on his own foot and I am instantly reminded why I fill my house with little lives like him. There is nothing that makes a house a home like they do.  

This little face (and his hairy little ears) may have something to do with the fact that he can get away with being such a troublemaker.


  1. Most photogenic fur face EVER!