I still haven’t told you guys about all the beautiful things I saw on my road trip this past summer. That being said, I’ve also spared you detailed stories of all the times since the road trip that life was rude and I became fused with the couch and proceeded to watch Vince Gill singing at George Jones’ funeral over and over on my iPad (if you EVER need a good cry, my lord, that clip.) 

One of these days, I’m simply going to use this blog as an outlet in which I solely write in detail about my feelings and dramatic sensitivities. The blog will either go insanely viral or be blocked by corporate servers all over the country. Okay, ANYWAY, I must tell you about Omaha. Three major things–humidity, steak, tiny house. Enough humidity to prevent eyeglasses to be worn effectively outdoors, the best steak I’ve have ever had in my life (hi, Drover Restaurant, I love you more than anything!), and Jamie Hiner’s tiny house.

Sincerely, this night was one of the most unique and special experiences. Now, look at this perfect picture and then click to read more in order to really understand what in the world I’m even talking about and what a tiny house even means.

This house is in someone’s backyard. This house is in the back of another house. This dwelling (subbing out words for ‘house’ to bring variety to my verbiage) is a fully functioning living quarters that is a whopping 128 square feet and built on a handy trailer bed allowing it to be completely portable. And when Jamie (its creator) isn’t taking it on vacation with his family, he and his lovely wife are renting it out on Airbnb for next to nothing a night to people passing through Omaha looking for a one-of-a-kind stay in the city. 

It really has everything you could need–air conditioner, running and heated water, mini kitchen, shower, couch, loft with queen bed, and a composting toilet (ya, I didn’t know what it was either, I’ll get to that albeit briefly.) 

This is the beautiful loft that I never enjoyed. After driving across the entire states of both Illinois and Iowa in one day to make it to the eastern border of Nebraska and the aforementioned steak, I didn’t make it as far as past the wine opener Jen provided me, a half glass of said wine, and the couch downstairs. It’s very possible that I woke up to some worry from loved ones that I may not have safely survived the evening in this tiny house that was mine for the night. Sorry again, about that. 

I am a classy lady and don’t feel compelled to show you the photographic details of the composting toilet but I will show you the quaint and ever so charming photographs hung inside of it and I will tell you that it works. There is a large collection of wood shavings next to the toilet and you go, cover, and go elsewhere. Quite kitten-like, if you ask me. 

The entire room was full of sunshine the next morning and I was able to appreciate the craftsmanship of Jamie’s creation in full detail. Every bevel, slat, and surface was spot on. Design is one thing but design with function in mind is another. Sometimes, I can’t imagine having the dedication to create something so grandiose and impressive but there was a fleeting moment where I felt like maybe I could do something this cool. Then, I sat back down on the couch and the magical feeling passed.

To top it all off, they had these sweet little clucking critters to wish me a good morning on my way out of the house. Then on the way out of the backyard, they had a beehive of honey bees to ensure I ran out really fast back to my car and drove away. 

Tiny Midwest 
+ Tiny House on Airbnb