I rarely ever go to the Westside of Los Angeles. It isn’t on principle or because I’m a self-righteous Eastsider (well, maybe a little)–it’s due to the fact that during the week, it’s impossible to get over there with my schedule and then on the weekend, it simply never occurs to me to drive more than 2 miles past my couch. Well, a Saturday or two ago, it occurred to me and I paused my obsessive re-watching of Breaking Bad (Giancarlo Esposito is a god damn genius) to start checking off my other-side-of-town restaurant wish list. First up, of many, was Taqueria Los Anaya. 

It goes without saying that Los Angeles is full of notable and authentic Mexican restaurants but I need to tell you that Taqueria Los Anaya wrote its name in sharpie on my list for a completely unexpected dish. I had read about their wonderful homemade tortillas and carne asada and that is what my intention mainly consisted of but I was completely side-swiped by the the Roasted Tortilla Soup. I will give the tacos attention also later but this soup deserves to be above the jump. That way, you are forced to stare at it and its seductive steam then will have no choice but to click and read more. I’ll also get one of two gripes out of the way before you click through–when you order chips and salsa, pico de gallo does NOT count! I’m done. Click through.

Okay, this soup. As a newly renewed meat-eater and one who still notes all vegetarian options, I will make a point of saying that the chicken in the soup is an add on. The flavor of the dish in no way leans or relies on the chicken to create the most bold, rich, and perfectly flavored soup I have ever had. There is no drama behind that superlative. I always am in awareness of the fact that some of my favorite restaurant dishes are the ones where I truly have no clue how they did it.

This soup was so flavorful without relying on salt alone, smoky without relying on bacon (which I personally think is a cheap trick), and creamy without any actual cream or butter. I have to tell you, though not necessary, the chicken was an amazingly seasoned addition to the soup and a such a quality product. It was the chicken icing on the tortilla soup–so impressed. Even though I hate it on the outside, I love being completely stumped about how to make something myself.

I ordered the taco combination plate that presented me with one taco each of carnitas, carne asada, and chicken. Let’s get my honest gripes out of the way–the carnitas was not my bag at all. The carne asada more than made up for its porky brethren and came with a perfect tomatillo salsa.

The chicken was the same lovely sort that graced the afore mentioned soup and was, not surprisingly, just as tasty wrapped in a homemade tortilla. It’s hard to drive back more than 1 mile home when you’re as full as you’ll get here but push through it, get back home, and watch more Breaking Bad.

+ Taqueria Los Anaya | 4651 West Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016


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