A Holiday Wreath

Christmas is being a super creep this year and is already two weeks away. I have been under the weather but I haven’t let that stop me from pursuing my usual Christmas traditions, albeit late–crushing on the members of Mannheim Steamroller, pretending I like sweets like everyone else, and singing those Elvis Christmas songs that have him doing pretend duets with popstar ladies. And getting to the point–also, making fresh wreaths. 

Last year, I was making wreaths before Thanksgiving–this year, ya, no way. Well, it’s better this way since with how hot it is in Los Angeles, my poor wreaths die a sunny death quicker than they are supposed to. Since mind you, they are supposed to be dusted with snow and morning frost. It takes little to no skill to make these and they are really so lovely. So, get festive, friends. 

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Not one half decent cat owner or their kittens need more cat toys. However, we all know it’s oh so fun to introduce a fancy new one into the mix, then subsequently watch it tossed aside and neglected for the rest of time. Also, the process for this DIY was quite the good time for Gilligan. You know, with string and felt and fabric flying around.

You will need these:

Wooden or Plastic Knitting needles (I used 10 1/2 inch)

Twine (it’s best to have two colors!)

Felt (in your choice of colors) cut to strips measuring 1 inch wide and 8 inches long



You will do this:

1) Stack felt strips and fold stack in half

2) Tie folded strips together at hinged end 3/4″ down

3) Wrap twine around and around a few more times and know to create a tight tie

4) Cut each 1″ felt strip into three to create a fringe effect

5) Cut three strands of twine in your choice of colors to a length of 2 1/2 feet and knot on one end

6) Braid. I put the knotted end under the leg of the couch to hold while I braided!

7) Using sharp scissors, score the knitting needle under the “head” of the knitting needle. This will ensure no slipping and sliding of twine.

8) Knot braid and flyer to the knitting needle

9) Play with kitten


Chalkboard paint is oh so trendy (in case you haven't noticed). The inspiration for today's post came from multiple pinterest finds suggesting creative ways to hold chalk for your chalkboard. Like this using an upside down drawer pull or this using a vintage match safe. Here is my take on this project using wood candle cups!




{in clockwise order} 

acrylic paint in your choice of color / finish 

wood candle cup (I used these) If you can't find these, a small wooden bowl would work perfectly.

sand paper

paint brushes

command adhesive strips

hand saw


STEP 1      Using hand saw (and loads of caution), saw a candle cup in half

STEP 2      Sand down the edges of the now halved cup. Focus on making sure the exposed back surfaces are flat and even! This will be very important when adhering to the wall. 


STEP 3      Paint! I did solid colors but get creative. The next set is destined for polka dots, I think.


STEP 4      After the paint has completely dried, trim command strips to fit on all exposed areas on the back of the cup.


STEP 5      Adhere to chalkboard and fill with chalk! I used one for white chalk and one for colorful chalk.


And the best part of all? They match my owls.