These are some of my favorite pins I stumbled across recently. I can’t believe Christmas is already almost two weeks away! Christmas cards are almost all good and sent but I haven’t bought one present yet. When I get back home from New York, the gifting is ON.


Thanksgiving has never been extravagant or a large scale event in my family. Out of my extended family, we have pretty much always been the only ones in the Los Angeles Area, leaving Thanksgiving to either be a traveled event or a small home get together with a rare guest or two.

Most years it was the latter. I enjoy it this way because it has always removed the typical commercial Thanksgiving problems–the epic struggle of timing everything perfectly to be ready at the same time, picky guests, and the inevitable family drama. It was about the food, the family, and the time spent together (oh, and always a movie after the food!)

Since I was a kid, Thanksgiving has always been an exciting opportunity to cook for everyone. And as an adult, now it’s an opportunity to cook for more than just myself. When I ate meat, I made a mean turkey, if I do say so myself. The Thanksgiving I became vegetarian, I still made a turkey for everyone but that was the last year I did so. Since then, it’s been vegetarian creations.

Here are some of the beautiful dishes that are inspiring my menu in progress!

Carrots and Greens Salad with Dilly Bean Vinaigrette from Bon Appétit

Mushroom Tart from Martha Stewart

Swiss Chard Pie from Martha Stewart

Kale Dressing from Bon Appétit


England based illustrator, Marta Altés, did a series of sketches using pencil shavings to complete each little story. So simple and brilliant.

(clockwise) WAVE | TOROOOO… | GRRRRR… | SWAN LAKE 

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