Another year begins and I am so ready for it. This illustration is definitely perfect for the range of emotions I went through this year. 2013 started with much sadness in a couple big areas of my life (my heart and my job) and the sadness managed to turn its way around. The bad and sad didn’t disappear magically–I made a distinct decision to dictate my happiness rather than wait for it to appear. Good leads to good and bad leads to bad. The more we wallow in our sadness, the harder it is to rise from it (I know–I’ve wallowed a lot.) Every day chosen correctly is an increased probability that the next day will be even better.

I won’t overly share the above mentioned challenges, as this is a place for happy things, remember? Certainly and by far, there are many improvements to come (some much needed) but it’s all about further than before and this past year was the best yet.

Of course and notably, this past March brought this blog into existence and it is my proudest accomplishment. I spent many years putting off for many reasons making it happen and this year was the year it did. Yay! I am excited to continue to make it bigger and better in the coming year.

Thank you to my small but mighty group of readers for all the support! It means the world.

Happy New Year!

+ Illustration by Hiller Goodspeed +


Gosh, it's been sweltering in Los Angeles lately. We've had a break the past day or two but it's set to ramp right back up there. Anyone who has crossed my path in the past two weeks has heard my endless analogies for my apartment which has no central air (lowest level of hades, the devil's breath, palace of fire and brimstone, etc.) I have an A/C unit in the bedroom but the living room is just a sweat box. So, needless to say, I've been a bit irritable. I've always openly admitted to being quite unpleasant when it's hot. 

I had a breakthrough this morning though, while waking up to the day and before my spin class, I was watching the 5:00 am hour of QVC (don't judge) and there were some simply marvelous fall inspired flameless candles on the air (seriously, stop judging me). It got me so excited for fall, I could barely contain myself. So, I called and ordered 3 sets–just kidding. But seriously, I can't wait. 

There are so many cinnamon sticks, scarves, and roasted root vegetables in my future. We're almost there.



A couple weeks ago, I was at dinner with a wonderful friend of mine chatting about the principles of love. In an attempt to capture my view of what love is, I told her about one of my favorite movie scenes.

Summer Stock (released in 1950) stars Gene Kelly and Judy Garland–it was their last movie together. The film is most known for introducing the song Get Happy, which has now been (close to) ruined by the Home Goods commercial that sings "Come to Home Goods / Come on get happy".

Jane owns a farm and her sister, Abigail, comes to the farm with her many actor pals needing a place to rehearse their stage show. Jane lets Joe, the show's director, and the cast use the barn for rehearsal in exchange for chores around the farm. With the show quickly approaching, Abigail runs away with the lead actor leaving Joe and Jane to star in the show in their place. Jane, who isn't exactly a star, rehearses like crazy under Joe's strict direction to prepare for her debut. Needless to say, all the while, Joe is falling for Jane without her even realizing it.

The night of the show, Jane is in her dressing room a ball of nerves when Joe comes to see her.

Joe: Relax, you're going to be great tonight.

Jane: I'm going to be awful. You better start yelling right now because I can't remember a single line.

Joe: It will all come back when the curtain comes up and remember, if you need me, I'll be right there beside you.

Jane: Will you Joe?

Joe: Every second. And, when the show's over and it's the success I hope it is, we got a lot of talking to do.

Jane: What about?

Joe: Oh, all kinds of things. First, I want to hear the story of your life–everything that's ever happened to you since you were so high. Then I want to know what you eat for breakfast, what's your favorite color, what comic strips you're reading…then we'll talk about shoes, and ships, and ceiling wax…shows, farms…families. Oh, it may take hours…weeks…years, I want to know everything.

Jane: Now, I won't remember a word.

There is something so beautifully simple about his little speech. Isn't it so true? That when you love someone, you just want to know every single thing about them? That you can never know enough? Good and bad? Big and small?

How's that for a happy thought?